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 The Huntersville Parks and Recreation Department's programming division offers high quality and diverse programs to the citizens of Huntersville at the lowest cost possible. The department offered over 192 successful programs and special events to over 16,000 participants last year. Programs offered range from girl’s volleyball, adult softball, teen adventure camps, senior bridge, start smart, & after school enrichment programs. For more information, click on the program and activities link.




Huntersville Parks and Recreation Department welcomes individuals of all abilities into its programs and activities and encourages the individuals to participate as independently as is possible in the activity of his/her choice. If you are not sure what type of assistance or reasonable accommodations is appropriate for you in a particular program, please contact the Department Staff.

Programs are designed to meet the unique needs of individuals of all ages with physical, mental, and/or emotional disabilities and include: day camps, after school programs, crafts and cultural arts, bowling leagues, adaptive sports, parties and dances, holiday themes, and more. Services provided through Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Therapeutic Division include leisure assessment, leisure counseling, leisure education, and skill development, adaptive recreation and inclusion support. Call the Huntersville Parks and Recreation Department at 766-2220 for more information.

Scholarship Program

In Memory of Nikko Pinkney & Joseph Fry

It is the policy of the Town of Huntersville Parks and Recreation Department to provide recreational opportunities to all residents of Huntersville.  Programs listed below require the payment of fees to cover the expenses.  Realizing the need to include all residents we offer financial assistance to Huntersville residents meeting guidelines we have established.  


Nikko Pinkney 
Joseph Fry