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Bids and Proposals

This section summarizes construction projects, architectural and engineering work and other projects the Town of Huntersville may be seeking qualifications/proposals from qualified firms.  

The Town Of Huntersville is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants to provide professional services to assist in the update of the East Huntersville Area Development Plan (EHADP). The Town of Huntersville is seeking to revisit the EHADP to ensure the development initiatives within the plan align with the current reality and to define future infrastructure improvements in the area to attract business while supporting residential growth. The proposed update to the EHADP will look at infrastructure needs such as roads, utilities, trails, etc. to support growth, both residential and commercial/industrial in the area, while maintaining and enhancing the character of the existing neighborhood. Town staff and selected consultant will work hand-in-hand to complete this planning effort. Click Here for the RFP